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Online / Offline Casino Division: Why Players Benefit From It.

When online casino games came out in the late 1990s, they opened a division.

Despite being an extension of the live casino industry, online sites have been treated as separate entities.

Although the two mediums were far from rivals, there was a level of disconnect that often pushed players towards one or the other.

Things are different today. As the industry consolidated, online and offline casinos found common ground. These connections have become a way for players to get more value and more importantly, more entertainment.

Live dealer tables get players into the action

The most obvious connection between online and offline casinos in recent years is live dealer games.

When the technology was first launched, the developers recreated the real-life action within television studios.

As games have evolved, broadcasts from brick and mortar venues have become common.

By integrating webcams with virtual overlays, online players can now bet in unison with those on the casino floor. From a gaming standpoint, this gave consumers more choice.

However, the biggest benefit of this innovation is the sense of familiarity it generates. The prospect of visiting a live casino can be daunting for a beginner.

Live dealer games help fill this gap. If a player can participate from a distance and get a feel for the dynamics, it is likely that he will be more confident in the future.

Universal loyalty schemes create more value                                                                                 

Another recent development is universal loyalty schemes. While live venues can’t match online bonus systems, they are trying.

Interestingly, they are looking to join forces with their virtual counterparts to offer related promotions.

By playing online and earning loyalty points, customers can use them in the real world.

On the contrary, you can now play in a live casino and earn online rewards. This system is also applied to payments.

At connected casinos, you can make real-time deposits to online accounts and online withdrawals to real cashiers.

If you are a gamer, these provisions are useful and potentially profitable, which is another benefit of the ever-growing online / offline gap.

Crossover games offer players more reasons to bet

Like live games, virtual games are starting to bridge the gap.

With slots forming the backbone of the online industry, developers have sought to capitalize on making them available offline.

Mega Moolah is one of the prime examples of an online jackpot slot that is now popular at lives in Las Vegas and beyond.

Being able to play the same game in two different settings is clearly beneficial to both sides.

For gamers, familiarity makes the game more fun. For casinos, offering an identical gaming experience is a great way to attract bettors from both realms.

When you take these games and stack them with live dealer tables and universal loyalty schemes, the online / offline split seems smaller than ever.

Furthermore, it is a gap that is still closing. With the advent of virtual reality, things are set to become even more interactive.

As connectivity increases, so does participation. When that happens, there is more value for everyone, which is why this trend will continue.

If you are a fan of casino games, this can only be good.